Passive income Aggregator (PIA): Earn N300,000 monthly without owning a POS kiosk

Are you looking for a way to make money on the side without quitting your Job or abandoning your Business?

No startup capital, spend as little as 1hour daily, work at your own pace and earn for life just like i do  (see proof below)

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I used to own 20 POS outlets that were generating N1.7million monthly in revenue, that’s million with an ‘M’, but as time passes, and more people get into the POS business, the business declines and so is the revenue. I have to look for alternative means of making money. That was when I discovered the Passive income Aggregator system, that can make me money even with my current busy schedule without doing much work, in fact, with absolutely little or no work. 


How does this works? And who is an Aggregator?

An aggregator in this sense is someone who gives others POS and makes money every time those people use the POS. 

This means you don’t have to use the POS yourself, all you do is get the POS for the agent or shop or supermarket that wants to use it and sit back to count your dollars, oh sorry, Naira (i love the sounds of dollar). Even while you are sleeping. 


But how will you get all these agents that need POS? Is this not another sales job?

Look, I understand you hate to sell. In fact I do as well, i don’t like persuading people to buy what they don’t want. 

This is not selling, in fact this is the opposite of sales, as the people come to you instead of you going to them. They beg you to get their money and get the POS for them. 

I am going to show you how to attract and get thousands of people calling you on a monthly basis to get POS for them and how you can get the POS for them easily, which is a secret up until now. 


Dear Friend, 

I will teach you how to make N300,000 and more monthly using the passive income Aggregator system without you leaving your room. 

The only time you will need to leave your room is when you want to go shopping. Smiles. 


You can quit your Job in the next 30 days and make 50 times your current salary doing less than 1 hour of work daily. 


And if you own a business, I will teach you how to get a back source of income that will make people around you think you have a money printing machine at home.


Here”s everything you get and more 

  • How to get onboard as an Aggrgator and start giving POS out to people 

  • How to get thousands of people calling you to get POS from you 

  • How to set up a system that allow you manage all this calls and messages without stressing you out 

  • How to use whatsapp as a tool to promote and engage with prospective clients 

  • Why you should NOT go to people’s shop to sell POS to them and how to instead get them calling you

  • The method I use to sell more than 400 POS without seeing 98% of my clients. How to let them pay you upfront and NOT use Pay on delivery that is risky and can loose you money 

  • How to create a large community that refer clients to you 

  • How to set up and onboard your agents plus get a POS for them without leaving your room 

  • 6 Tools you can use to get more agents under you and make lots of money, almost on autopilot 

  • And lots more 



This is just a tip of the iceberg 

  • You also learn how to set up a Youtube channel that makes you extra income 

  • How to set up a website that earns you money every time a visitor visits, oh in dollars, YES, Dollars 


Here are some bonuses you get when you join this course now 

  • Free 30minutes consulting session with me every month for the next 12 months where i will be helping you with growing your passive income and also with your business in general 

  • Free money manager software that helps you track your daily personal expenses 

  • Lifetime access to my membership group that consist of other people who are already using the system 

Did I mention you get my 100% no question asked money back guarantee? 

Yes, i am super confident that this works, which is why i am giving you a 100% money back guarantee. This means if after taking the course and implementing the system you did not make at least N50,000 (on the side) in the first month of the course, you get 100% of your money back no question asked and you get to keep the course plus the bonus plus all the money you made.


How much does it cost to join the course?

Think about it, I will be showing you the entire system that makes me N300,0000 every month and also give you a bonus that’s worth more than N50,000. If you look at other courses like this online they usually go for N100,000 to N120,000. However, you won’t be paying that much. 

In fact, you will be getting all these mouth watering offers for just N20,000. 


However, this is a limited time offer and only open to the first 10 people. Price will be going up to N50,000 soon. 

Don’t wait while others make money 




Here’s how to join the class


Bank payment: 

Account name: Alao Tope 

Account number: 0239521907

Bank name: Wema Bank 

After making payment, send a screenshot of the payment receipt to my whatsapp on 08137820379 plus your active email address. You will be automatically enrolled for the course instantly 


There you have it, you have the opportunity to change your financial story forever and never complain about money again. 


PS: The course runs every day of the week and each student gets to learn at their own pace. This means you can join the class at 8am while your friend join the class at 10pm, you both get the same experience and won't miss anything 

What my students are saying plus the PIA system in action