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Baxi POS (Get it Today and everything you need to know)

Have you been looking for a cheap and reliable POS like Baxi POS and you haven’t been able to get one?

In this article, I will show you how to get a Baxi POS and answer any important questions you might have about the POS. 

Baxi android pos
Baxi android pos

How much is Baxi POS (Cautionary fee)?

Baxi only cost N10,000 as a cautionary fee for the Baxi Mpos and N30,000 for the Android POS to get the POS from them. This cautionary fee is so that you won’t damage the POS. Paying this fee does not mean you have bought the POS. 

How long will it take you to get a Baxi POS?

To get Baxi POS takes 1 day to 1 week to get a Baxi POS. 

Can the Baxi mpos print receipt?

Yes, you can print transaction receipts with the Baxi Mpos as long as you have an external Bluetooth wireless printer. You can get this printer at your local electronics store or order it on Jumia


bluetooth printer for paycentre pos
bluetooth printer for Baxi Mpos pos

How does Baxi POS charge?

Baxi charges 0.55% on withdrawal and N30 flat on every deposit of any amount

This means you will be charged N5.5 on every N1000 you withdraw for a customer. You will be charged N30 to transfer any amount whether on the POS or on their app

That means if you withdraw as follow

N1000 charges is N5.5

N2000 charges is N11

N3000 charges is N16.5

N4000 charges is N22

N5000 charges is N27.5

N6000 charges is N33

N7000 charges is N38.5

N8000 charges is N44

N9000 charges is N49.5

N10,000 charges is N55.5

N11,000 charges is N60.5

N12,000 charges is N66

N13,000 charges is N71.5

N14,000 charges is N77

N15,000 charges is N82.5

N16,000 charges is N88

N17,000 charges is N93.5

N18,000 charges is N99

N19,000 charges is N104.5

N20,000 charges is N100

Any amount above N20,000 charges is N100 

Any amount above N100,000 charges is N150

Is there stamp duty on Baxi POS 

There is no stamp duty on Baxi POS. Stamp duty is an extra N50 charged by the federal government on any withdrawal or inward transfer from N10,000 and above. This amount is not been charged on Baxi 

How do i get Baxi POS

To become a Baxi agent, you will need to download the Baxi app from play store and register 

What do i need to apply for a Baxi POS

All you need to get a Baxi POS are your ID card (whether national ID card, Driver’s license, Voter’s card, or international passport). Also, you need Nepa bill, and passport photograph. These plus a cautionary fee of N10,000 (for the Mpos) while N30,000 (for the android POS) is what you need to get the Baxi POS. 

The following documents will be required;

  • A verified Identity card such as International Passport, National ID Card, or Voters Card
  • Utility Bill (Nepa Bill)
  • Business License (For Registered business only)
  • Valid BVN
  • Account Number
  • Valid email address

Other details you will need to apply for Baxi POS

  • First name
  • last name.
  • The gender.
  • Email address.
  • State
  • Local government
  • Phone number.

Why does Baxi ask for your BVN

The Bank Verification Number is used to confirm that your personal information submitted is valid for proper KYC documentation as required by the CBN

How do I register for Baxi?

To register for Baxi POS the first step is to download the Baxi app from playstore 

baxi pos app
Baxi pos app

Step2: Open the app and click on sign up

Baxi sign up
Baxi sign up

Fill in all necessary information on the page displayed like the one shown below. Fill in your personal information as appropriate. Where it asks for REFERRAL CODE put 00083170

Baxi sign up form
Baxi sign up form

Select your username.

Note: Make sure the username is more than 8 digits (a mixture of alphabet and numbers) then Input your desired password

Baxi sign up form
Baxi sign up form

Select your state and choose your local government. Where it asks for a referral code, put this code 00083170

Then make sure you thick the I HAVE READ AND AGREE button. Then click on SIGN UP

After signing up, the next step is to complete your KYC by filling in your BVN, and ID details plus your passport. Also, fill in your next of kin and other personal information. Then make sure all the items listed below are marked in green (this shows that you have successfully uploaded the required document/information)

Baxi kyc upgrade
Baxi kyc upgrade

How to request a POS on your Baxi app

After filling in all necessary KYC information, the next step is to request POS. Remember, the cautionary fee for Baxi Mpos is N10,000 while that of the android is N30,000. To request for any of the two on your dashboard, you will see the option for POS click on it

How to get baxi pos
How to get baxi pos

How to order for Baxi POS

After clicking on POS, a page like the one below will show, click on ORDER

order baxi pos
order baxi pos

When you click on the order botton, it will automatically take you to your email app (whether gmail or yahoo mail app). Type and send your request as shown in the image below then click on the send button.

order baxi pos email
order baxi pos email

After clicking on the send button, as shown above, an email will be sent to Baxi head office and you will instantly receive an email notification that they are working on your request.

Within a day or 2, Baxi representative will be in touch with you in order to get you the POS. If you have any question as regards the above process, please chat me on Whatsapp on 08101409501 <<<Click here to chat me on Whatsapp>>>> and i am always willing to help

How to fund your Baxi wallet

There are several ways to fund your Baxi account

method 1

The first way is via Bank transfer. That is, Baxi provides you with a unique wema bank or Rolez bank account which is usually displayed at the top of your dashboard, you can copy this account number and go to your bank mobile app to transfer any amount you wish to fund your wallet (just the way you do normal bank transfer). This method does not work well with USSD transfer though. 

method 2

The second method is to use the Baxi USSD option. To do this, click on the FUND ACCOUNT button at the top of the homepage on your Baxi app. Then select the USSD FUNDING option you will be asked to select the bank you want to send the money from and enter the amount you wish to fund your wallet. After that click on NEXT, a shortcode will be generated for you, dial this code on the phone number that is linked to the bank account you want to use to fund the wallet. After dialing the code and processing the transaction successfully, check your wallet to see if it reflect. 

method 3

The third method is by DIRECT DEBIT which is not yet available 

How do I contact Baxi customer care if i have any issue

Baxi has one of the most responsive customer support in agency banking.You can always reach them via their email  [email protected] or call them on their Phone Number:01-700 8571 WhatsApp – 0908 053 2234. And this gives you the opportunity to ask any question you might have. 

How do i log complain on the Baxi POS or platform

Sadly, Baxi does not have a portal for you to complain about failed transactions at the moment, as the customer will need to contact their bank in case of a dispense error. 

To learn how to log dispense error for your customers without them going to bank, watch the video below


How do I access my dashboard on Baxi

You can access your dashboard by logging in to your Baxi app (you can download it on playstore). 

What are the things you can do on a Baxi POS machine

Here are some services you can do on a Baxi POS

  1. Cash withdrawal
  2. Fund Transfer
  3. Instant Settlement
  4. Payment of Utility Bills
  5. Cardless USSD withdrawal 
  6. Generate recharge card PIN/voucher to sell to customers 
  7. Create a virtual ATM card (mastercard) that you can use to buy anything online 
  8. Buy Bulk sms 

Can Baxi POS check account balance for a customer ATM

Not yet. This is a feature they might add in the future

How much commission does Baxi give on services

Here are the commissions Baxi will pay you as an agent when you buy airtime, or pay for Tv subscription for a customer or pay electricity bill for customers

MTN 1.6% commission

Glo  2.8% commission

Etisalat  2.8% commission

Airtel 1.76% commission

FOR TV Subscription.

DStv 1.2% to 1.4% commission.

GOtv 1.2% to 1.4% commission.

IKEDC 1.2% commission

AEDC 0.96% commission

ENUGU POSTPAID 2% commission

IBEDC 0.8% commission*.

How do i upgrade my KYC level on Baxi

To upgrade your KYC on your Baxi Box app, click on the settings icon at the bottom right hand corner of the app immediately you login in. on the page displayed, you will see UPDATE KYC click on that and you can update all your KYC information there to get your account active and fully functional 

How secure is Baxi POS and where is Baxi head office

Baxi is licensed by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN), which authorises them to carry out agency banking services and they have been in the agency banking business for long

Why do so many people like Baxi POS

People like Baxi POS because they are

  1. Reliable
  2. fair pricing and fair commission
  3. Excellent network reliability
  4. instant settlement
  5. Great customer support 

Does Baxi have a mobile app

Yes you can download the app by visiting play store or apple store on iphone just search for Baxi Mobile 

Does Baxi have a physical office? 

Baxi office address is 3, Murtala Muhammed International Airport Road,

Ajao Estate, Lagos, Nigeria.

What time does Baxi Open their office?

Baxi office is open from 8 am – 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays


Getting Baxi POS is very easy,and it is one POS you can easily get fast If you are just starting your POS business.

In case you need any help, you can always contact me on WhatsApp on 08101409501 <<<Click here to chat me on Whatsapp>>>> i am always available to help

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