Opay POS (Get it Today and other details)
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Opay POS (Get it Today and other details)

Have you been looking for a way to get Opay POS and you haven’t been able to get one?

In this article, I will show you how to get an Opay POS and answer any important questions you might have about the POS.

OPAY is one of the most popular and cheapest POS with great pricing in the POS market in Nigeria.

Opay traditional POS
Opay traditional POS

How much is opay POS in Nigeria

The price for Opay POS is: Opay mini POS price is N10,000, Opay traditional POS price is N45,000, Opay Android/smart POS price is N60,000. Opay increased the price of their POS recently because they have removed the target. This means, you don’t need to meet any target after paying this amount and you completely own the POS. But take note that, Opay will block your POS automatically if you did not use it for 6 days in a row.

How long will it take you to get a OPAY POS

it takes between 1 day to 3 days to get opay pos and you don’t need to meet any target anymore

Opay mini POS

How to get Opay POS fast: Charges, cost of the POS, merchant categories,requirements and getting started

What is the charges on OPAY POS?

The charges on OPAY is 0.6% on withdrawal up to N16,667 and N100 on withdrawal above N16,667 and N10 for a deposit from N5000 and below, N20 for deposit form N5,001 and to N10,000 and any transfer above N10,000 is N30

Important note: Opay will give you commission/bonus from these charges and the amount of commission you get will be determined by your current level. There are 4 different levels on Opay based on the total amount of withdrawal you do monthly, as shown below

Various categories of merchants on Opay

Regular merchant: <N750,000 withdrawal monthly

Silver merchant: Between N750,000 to N2,999,999 total withdrawal monthly

Gold merchant: Between N3,000,000 to N4,999,999 total withdrawal monthly

Platinum merchant: N5,000,000 and above total withdrawal monthly

This means you will be charged N6 on every N1000 you withdraw for a customer for any amount below N16,667 and N100 for any withdrawal above N16,667 (note that this is for all merchants, but the difference between the various merchants is in the commission/bonus Opay will return to their wallet based on the merchant level).

Below is the breakdown of the charges for each category of the merchant on Opay for both withdrawal and transfer/deposit

You can watch the video i did on how to calculate the charges


Note: i have already done the breakdown of the charges below but you can watch the video to see what level you are. Below is a breakdown of opay pos transaction charges

Opay withdrawal charges for regular merchant

Here are Opay withdrawal charges list

N1000 charges is N4.8

N2000 charges is N9.6

N3000 charges is N14.4

N4000 charges is N19.2

N5000 charges is N24

N6000 charges is N28.8

N7000 charges is N33.6

N8000 charges is N38.4

N9000 charges is N43.2

N10,000 charges is N48

N11,000 charges is N52.8

N12,000 charges is N57.6

N13,000 charges is N62.4

N14,000 charges is N67.2

N15,000 charges is N72

N16,000 charges is N76.8

N17,000 and above charges is N80 (even though it is N200,000 or N500,000)

Opay deposit/transfer charges for regular merchant

Here are Opay deposit charges list

N1000 to N5000 charges is N8

N5000 to N10,000 charges is N16

N10,000 and above charges is N24 (even though it is N200,000 or N500,000)

Opay withdrawal charges for Silver merchant

N1000 charges is N4.5

N2000 charges is N9

N3000 charges is N13.5

N4000 charges is N18

N5000 charges is N22.5

N6000 charges is N27

N7000 charges is N31.5

N8000 charges is N36

N9000 charges is N40.5

N10,000 charges is N45

N11,000 charges is N49.5

N12,000 charges is N54

N13,000 charges is N58.5

N14,000 charges is N63

N15,000 charges is N67.5

N16,000 charges is N72

N17,000 and above charges is N75 (even though it is N200,000 or N500,000)

Opay deposit/transfer charges for Silver merchant

N1000 to N5000 charges is N7

N5000 to N10,000 charges is N14

N10,000 and above charges is N21 (even though it is N200,000 or N500,000)

Opay withdrawal charges for Gold merchant

N1000 charges is N4.2

N2000 charges is N8.4

N3000 charges is N12.6

N4000 charges is N16.8

N5000 charges is N21

N6000 charges is N25.2

N7000 charges is N29.4

N8000 charges is N33.6

N9000 charges is N37.8

N10,000 charges is N42

N11,000 charges is N46.2

N12,000 charges is N50.4

N13,000 charges is N54.6

N14,000 charges is N58.8

N15,000 charges is N63

N16,000 charges is N67.2

N17,000 and above charges is N70 (even though it is N200,000 or N500,000)

Opay deposit/transfer charges for Gold merchant

N1000 to N5000 charges is N6.5

N5000 to N10,000 charges is N13

N10,000 and above charges is N19.5 (even though it is N200,000 or N500,000)

Opay withdrawal charges for Platinum merchant

N1000 charges is N3.9

N2000 charges is N7.8

N3000 charges is N11.7

N4000 charges is N15.6

N5000 charges is N19.5

N6000 charges is N23.4

N7000 charges is N27.3

N8000 charges is N31.2

N9000 charges is N35.1

N10,000 charges is N39

N11,000 charges is N42.9

N12,000 charges is N46.8

N13,000 charges is N50.7

N14,000 charges is N54.6

N15,000 charges is N58.5

N16,000 charges is N62.4

N17,000 and above charges is N65 (even though it is N200,000 or N500,000)

Opay deposit/transfer charges for Platinum merchant

N1000 to N5000 charges is N6

N5000 to N10,000 charges is N12

N10,000 and above charges is N18 (even though it is N200,000 or N500,000)

How much commission does OPAY give on services

Here are the commissions OPAY will pay you as an agent when you buy airtime, or pay for Tv subscription for a customer or pay electricity bill for customers

MTN 3% commission

Glo  4% commission

Etisalat  4.5% commission

Airtel 4% commission

FOR TV Subscription.

DStv 2% commission.

GOgtv 2% commission.

PHCH 2% commission.

Startime 2% commission.

How to become a Opay Agent

It used to be the case that to become an agent, you need to meet the first criteria of being able to withdraw up to N70,000 daily, that is no more the case as anyone can now get an Opay POS.

How to get started to get the Opay POS

Step 1: You can get the POS by downloading the opay app here then register

Step2: After registration, you need to upgrade your account to Agent level (this usually takes between a day to 3 days but you can chat me on Whatsapp on 08101409501 <<<Click here to chat me on Whatsapp>>>> to make the process faster. To see how to upgrade your account, check the video below for the step by step)

Step 3: After your account is approved to the agent level, the next thing is to submit your POS application by going to MY POS on your Opay app and fill in the required details make sure you submit your application and add your statement of account.

Important note:

The other way to apply for pos is to contact an aggregator close to you. You can reach me on 08101409501 (i am an Opay aggregator) <<<Click here to chat me on Whatsapp>>>> and I will be willing to help you with the application. 

You can watch the step by step video I created on how to get Opay POS 

Important note: In case you are unable to watch the video below. Kindly use the link below to access the video


What do i need to apply for a OPAY POS

All you need is your ID card (whether national ID card, Driver’s license, Voter’s card or international passport), Nepa bill, and passport photograph. These plus a cautionary fee of N10,000, N45,000 or N60,000 for mini, traditional and smart/ android pos respectively, is what you need to get the POS. These prices are for the outright purchase of the POS

opay android pos
Opay android pos

The following documents will be required

  • A verified Identity card such as International Passport, National ID Card, or Voters Card
  • Utility Bill (Nepa Bill)
  • Business License (For Registered business only)
  • Valid BVN
  • Valid Account Number

Other details you will need to apply for OPAY POS

  • First name
  • last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • The gender.
  • Email address.
  • Username.
  • Opay Aggregator code (usually 10 digits. You can always use mine


  • Phone number..
  • Two address line.
  • Country and city.

How do I get Opay Aggregator code

Opay Aggregator code is a 10 digits number that you use to apply for opay POS. Aggregators are your connection to Opay as they are the ones who will handle your questions and help with any challenges you might face. You can use my Aggregator code as shown below and be rest assured to get full support


Why does OPAY ask for your BVN

The Bank Verification Number is used to confirm that your personal information submitted is valid for proper KYC documentation as required by the CBN

What are the things you can do on a OPAY POS machine

here are some services you can do on an OPAY POS

  1. Cash withdrawal
  2. Fund Transfer
  3. Instant Settlement
  4. Payment of Utility Bills
  5. Check customers account balance with their ATM (only on the big traditional POS)

Some frequently asked questions about Opay POS

Difference between opay traditional and opay mini

The difference between Opay traditional and Opay Mini is that Opay Mini POS doesn’t print receipts on its own except if you buy an external printer. While Opay traditional can print on its own. Plus you need to connect Opay mini with your android phone via Bluetooth for you to be able to use it while you don’t need a phone to use Opay traditional. These are the only differences between Opay mini and Opay traditional, apart from those, Opay mini can do everything Opay traditional can do. Opay mini is also far cheaper than Opay traditional.

How do I contact OPAY customer care if i have any issue

+234 (01) 8888329 (whatsapp)

[email protected] (email)

[email protected] (fraud issue)

[email protected] (legal)

[email protected] (partnership)

How do i log complain on the OPAY POS or platform

You can log any complaint on any issue you have on the POS without having to contact any support. you can log dispense error on the POS after the customer has been debited or go to your app dashboard by navigating to transactions. Under the transaction, click on the affected transaction and at the button, you will see LOG COMPLAINT 

How do I log POS debit complain on Opay POS

Kindly take the following steps to log your complaints about failed POS transactions;

  1. Start OPAY POS APP on the POS and go to Transaction Detail.
  2. Select the correct Date which the failed transaction occurred, and click on the transaction.
  3. Click on the Complain Icon to raise order complain.
  4. Enter the Complain reason and Opay will investigate the bank settlement. Opay will credit agent’s wallet if we have the settlement of the declined transaction and Agent should give cash to card holder after it is confirmed that Opay has the settlement. (It may take 2 to 3 days for Opay to finish the investigation).
    Thank you!

How do I access my dashboard on OPAY

You can access your account by downloading and logging in to your opay app to access your dashboard and use your phone number and password to log in. if you are not sure of your password, click on forget password 

How to reset your password on Opay

To reset your Opay password in case you forget your password, follow the following steps on your Opay app

  • Click on forget password
  • An OTP will be sent
  • input the OTP
  • Enter your new password and confirm the new password

How to reset your payment PIN on your Opay business app

Kindly take the following steps to reset your payment PIN on your Opay business app
Click on business icon on the home page
Then click on settings at the top right corner
Click on security settings
Then click on Payment PIN
Click on Forgot Payment PIN
Verify your the code sent to your app number
Set a new PIN and reconfirm

How to change the number of Printouts to 2 copies on traditional

To change the number of print out on your Opay POS to 2 copies, follow the following steps:

1, Press the Funtion Key,
2, it takes you to Term Mang

  1. Press 2(Set up para)
  2. Input password 00000000
  3. click 2,(System Para Parameter)
  4. Click enter twice, it will take you to PRINT NUMB
  5. Change to the number of copies to 2 copies, then enter
  6. It will go back to System set up, then cancel

What are the benefits of Using Opay Business app?

Here are more benefits of using Opay Business app

  • Business owner can monitor sales real time
  • Ability to send receipt via WhatsApp
  • Also ability to send receipt as SMS
  • Ability to send birthdays and wedding anniversary greetings to your clients
  • Also ability to receive notifications about your stock and inventory
  • ability to know your best selling products
  • Also ability to know your regular customers in terms of high paying and frequency of visits

Can OPAY POS check account balance for a customer ATM

You can now use OPAY POS to check customers’ account balances using the customer ATM card. Most customers will want you to help them check their balance for them to know how much is in their account before they withdraw. So you can do that on your OPAY POS

How to print EOD on the opay traditional POS

Here’s how to generate EOD on your Opay traditional POS
Step 1 click on option 5 (opay)
2: Select Query
3: then enter the date you want to print EOD for

Your EOD will be printed

How do i upgrade my KYC level on OPAY

Click on the ME button at the bottom page of your Opay app and on the page, you will see your name at the top and your level. Click on your name and it will show you your level and show you your current level and how to upgrade. Just click on upgrade and input the details.

How secure is OPAY POS and where is OPAY head office

OPAY is licensed by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN), they have several high-level licenses that include the MMO license which authorize them to carry out agency banking services. You can visit OPAY office at Alexander House, Otunba Jobi Fele Way. Ikeja. Lagos, Nigeria. And most often they usually regional offices in some cities and smaller offices around

How to do cardless withdrawal on Opay traditional POS

Kindly follow the steps below to perform cardless withdrawal on the traditional pos.

1. Press the menu option
2. Press 5( Opay )
3. Down arrow cursor
4. Then Press 7 ( cardless withdrawal )
5. Input amount- Press 1 to scan the bank list
6. Press the down cursor arrow button to view more banks
7. Press enter after the customer is done imputing the USSD on his/her mobile to print the receipt.

How to connect OPAY POS to WiFi hotspot

On the OPay standby interface, press the FUNC key

  • Select 2 (SYS SETUP)
  • Then Select 3 (COMM PARAMM)
  • Select 2 ( TYPE)
  • Then Select 6 (WI-FI) to change modulation and search for available
    wi-fi network.
    Note: you can use the ALPHA key to change the password character to
    alphabetic letters to set password for selected wi-fi.
  • You can watch the video below to see how

How to switch Opay POS back to SIM card

To change opay POS settings to SIM card away from the hotspot, follow these steps:

On the OPay standby interface,

press the FUNC key-

Select 2 (SYS SETUP)-

Then Select 3 (COMM PARAMM)-

Select 2 (TYPE)-

Then Select 2 (GPRS) to change modulation

How to download statement of account on Opay

kindly follow the steps below to download your account statement on the Opay user app;

-Login to your app
-Click on ‘Me’
-Then click on transaction details
-Click on the three dot on the top right corner
-Select download
-Then choose the date
-Click on Next
-Then enter your payment pin

What time does Opay Office open and close

Their office service hours are Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM (WAT)

How can I change my business name on Opay?

To change your business name, you will need to send a mail to Opay Customer support with the following security questions and send them a mail to [email protected] to change your business name;

Old & New Name
Email address used to register
Valid ID
last 5 transactions performed on the App
Phone number
CAC documents(please provide the complete pages of the document)

What you need to know about the new opay pricing

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Opay Bumper July Promo (PROMO already ended check the pricing section above to see updated Opay pricing, still the cheapest in the market)

Q: Does Opay give merchants commission on transaction charges?

A: Yes, currently Opay gives merchants commission on Pos
Withdrawal: Regular 20%, Silver 25%, Gold 30%, Platinum 35%
Bank transfer: Regular 25%, Silver 30%, Gold 35%, Platinum 40%

BUT GOOD NEWS starting from 9th-31st July 2021. Opay will give an extra 10% more commission on every Pos withdrawal.

Q: How does Opay charge for withdrawal transactions?

A: Opay charges 0.6% for withdrawal transactions below N20,000 and N120 flat fee from N20,000 above, but all merchants will get 30-45% rebate commission from these charged instantly. Our Charges are the lowest in the industry when you compare them with other Mobile Money Operators in the market.

Q: Is the Opay commission credited to merchants at the end of the day, week or month?

A: Opay merchants get their commissions INSTANTLY, as they transact on their terminal.

Q: How can I see my commission?

A: The commission is being paid into the merchant’s account and they see this IMMEDIATELY after the transaction.

Q: When can an Opay merchant cash out their commission?

A: Opay merchants can cash out their commission anytime as they want.

Q: As an Opay merchant what is the requirement to qualify for this commission?

A: Merchants don’t have to do anything extra to enjoy the benefits, it cuts across all the categories of the merchants i.e regular, platinum, gold, or silver.

Q. Want to make more money?

Simply increase your transaction on the Opay terminal to make more profit.

Why do so many people like OPAY POS

People like OPAY POS because they are

  1. Reliable
  2. Low pricing and fair commission
  3. Excellent network reliability
  4. instant settlement
  5. Great customer support and constant network update

Does OPAY have a mobile app

OPAY has a mobile app that you can download on the play store. Just visit play store and type OPAY or click here to download the app now 


Does OPay have ATM card? How to apply for Opay ATM card step by step

The opay ATM card gives you cash back on every transaction you do on the card and has no maintenance fee or SMS fee unlike banks atm card. if you don’t have an account with opay yet, click here to create an account now

I have also created a step by step video you can follow on how to get the opay ATM card watch it by clicking on this link here

You can head right over to https://bit.ly/TAGetOpayATM  to get your own Opay ATM now, or watch the video to learn the step by step . For anyone interested in Opay ATM or Opay debit card, this is a great insight into the best way to get Opay debit card right at the comfort of your home.

How to activate new Opay ATM card and change Opay ATM PIN

PIN CHANGE PROCESS (Card Picked –up at Opay Office)
• Pick your debit card at Opay Office

• Log on to the App, and click ME at the bottom 

• Click on the ‘’Activate card’’ display menu

• Input the 16 digits card number on the activate card window

• Confirm the card number and 4 digits default PIN will be generated

• Visit any Zenith Bank ATM and change the default PIN to a preferred 4 digits PIN

• Confirm balance or withdraw cash.

Some common errors on Opay POS and their solutions

Account not Outward auth error on Opay

This error usually occur when you did not use your Opay POS for 6 days consecutively., after that, contact your aggregator to help you unfreeze the account

For MPOS perform at least 11 Successful POS withdrawals totaling more than 11,000 in a day

How to check network updates on opay


Kindly note that this means that the terminal did not complete the initialization process. Terminal needs to complete the initialization
process, ensure that there is data on the sim used, then switch off and on the terminal and retry.

Tamper source Voltage high error on Opay traditional POS

You will need to visit the nearest Opay office for further assistance and or replacement

I forget my pattern lock for my opay Android POS machine

You will need to visit the nearest Opay office for further assistance and or replacement (this is FREE)

How to manually update your Opay traditional POS
To manually update the Opay application on the Traditional terminal, the merchant is required to follow the below steps;
Switch on the terminal and wait for the terminal to complete the initialization process, On the OPay interface,
1: Press the FUNC key on the OPay Standby interface.
2: Select EXIT APP and press 1 3:Input the password (00000000) 4: Select 1 (YES) to exit the app.
5: On the App manager, press Cancel to show the TMS features.

6: Select 2 (DOWNLOAD) and wait for the upload process to be completed. Once completed, press the ENTER key to complete the update and wait for the terminal to reboot and complete the initialization process.

Opay Mini Bluetooth is not connecting, solution

Connecting to the OPay mini POS

  1. Ensure the Bluetooth on your mobile phone is turned on. If your Bluetooth is not already turned on at step 5 above, you will be prompted to turn on your Bluetooth on your mobile phone.
  2. Ensure that the OPay min POS is turned on. Press and hold down the power button of the mini POS to turn it on.
  3. On the home screen of the OPay mini POS, you will notice there are two different numbers displayed.
    i. BT: This means Bluetooth, the number displayed after BT is the name of the OPay mini POS. Use this in identifying the OPay mini POS from the OPay mini app. Eg BT: MPOS000123.
    ii. S/N: This is the serial number of the terminal.

In addition
Download the opay Business app

Sign in with your details and make sure your phone bluetooth and MPOS are all switch ON

The account is not logged in on the application
-click on me
-Then click on settings
-click on sign out

  • login


Getting Opay POS is not as difficult as most people think, as Opay has now removed the target on their POS. This means you can get an Opay POS whether you are a beginner or someone who has been doing the business for a long or you want to create another outlet in addition to the one you already have. in case you need help with your opay POS application< kindly reach out to me on WhatsApp 08101409501 <<<Click here to chat me on Whatsapp>>>> and i am always willing to help

In case you need any help, you can always contact me on WhatsApp on 08101409501 <<<Click here to chat me on Whatsapp>>>> i am always available to help

Here are some other alternative POS you can get apart from Opay POS



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