Kudi POS (Get it fast and other details)
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Kudi POS (Get it fast and other details)

Have you been looking for a way to get Kudi POS and you haven’t been able to get one?

In this article, I will show you how to get a Kudi POS and answer any important questions you might have about the POS.

Kudi is one of the most popular and cheapest POS with great pricing in the POS market in Nigeria.

How much does Kudi POS cost (Cautionary fee)

The cost of getting Kudi POS is N20,000 as a cautionary fee for you to get the POS from them. This cautionary fee is so that you won’t damage the POS. Paying this fee does not mean you have bought the POS. Because if you did not perform up to expectation, they will collect the POS back from you 

How long will it take you to get a Kudi POS

To get Kudi POS takes within 1 week to 2 weeks. And you might not get it at all. They only give POS to agents who are ready to start the business.  You can chat me on Whatsapp on 08101409501 <<<<click here to chat me on Whatsapp>>>> and I will be willing to help (i prefer WhatsApp chat to call)

Does Kudi have a target

Kudi POS doesn’t really have a target as long as you are using it, they won’t bother you. The only time they can contact you is if you stop using the POS completely.

Kudi POS charges

Kudi charges are 0.55 percent on withdrawal and N20 on average on every deposit of any amount

This means you will be charged N5 on every N1000 you withdraw for a customer and you will be charged N20 to transfer any amount whether on the POS or on their web platform

That means if you withdraw as follow

N1000 charges is N5.5

N2000 charges is N11

N3000 charges is N16.5

N4000 charges is N22

N5000 charges is N27.5

N6000 charges is N33

N7000 charges is N38.5

N8000 charges is N44

N9000 charges is N49.5

N10,000 charges is N55.5

N11,000 charges is N60.5

N12,000 charges is N66

N13,000 charges is N71.5

N14,000 charges is N77

N15,000 charges is N82.5

N16,000 charges is N88

N17,000 charges is N93.5

N18,000 charges is N100

Any amount above N18,000 charges is N100 (even though it is N200,000)

How much commission does Kudi give on services

Here are the commissions Kudi will pay you as an agent when you buy airtime, or pay for Tv subscription for a customer or pay electricity bill for customers

MTN 2% commission

Glo  2% commission

Etisalat  2% commission

Airtel 2% commission

FOR TV Subscription.

DStv 2% commission.

GOgtv 2% commission.

PHCH 2% commission.

Startime 2% commission.

How do i get a Kudi POS

Here is how to get a Kudi POS,

Step1: Download the Kudi app from play store.

Step2: Register on the Kudi app

Step3: Contact your Aggregator or a Kudi representative close to you to request the POS

Step4: Make payment for the POS via your Kudi app

Step5: The POS is sent to you


VERY IMPORTANT: Before you start your registration, kindly send your phone number and name to me on WhatsApp on 08101409501 <<<click here to chat me on whatsapp>>> so that I can refer you, this will make your application much faster. After that, you can go ahead to complete your registration

What do i need to apply for a Kudi POS

All you need to apply for Kudi POS is your ID card (whether national ID card, Driver’s license, Voter’s card or international passport), Nepa bill, and passport photograph. These plus a cautionary fee of N20,000 is what you need to get the POS. The following documents will be required

  • A verified Identity card such as International Passport, National ID Card, or Voters Card
  • Utility Bill (Nepa Bill)
  • Valid NIN/BVN
  • Valid Account Number

Other details you will need to apply for Kudi POS

  • First name
  • last name.
  • The gender.
  • Email address..
  • Phone number.

If you are new to the POS Business, i will advice you take my online class on how to start a successful POS Business. The class is totally FREE and in video format. >>>JOIN FOR FREE NOW>>>

How can i get Kudi POS machine

You can apply for Kudi POS machine on the Kudi app by first funding your wallet with the cautionary fee of N20,000 and then follow the step-by-step guide in this video. This usually takes a week to 1 month to get. But you can leave me a message on WhatsApp to get it faster (as low as 1 day)

How can i get Kudi POS machine (WATCH ON YOUTUBE NOW)c

Is Kudi POS machine good

Yes Kudi POS machine is one of the best POS machines out there especially if you just want to start the POS business or you just started as they provide you with low charges, easy and always accessible customer service, easy to use POS machine, stress-free, and no target POS that gives you peace of mind. Plus Kudi is the fastest for making bills payment like Gotv, Dstv, NEPA or electricity bill, data, recharge card, and a lot more and they pay you to commission on every bills payment you do

What are the things you can do on a Kudi POS machine

here are some services you can do on a Kudi POS

  1. Cash withdrawal
  2. Fund Transfer
  3. Instant Settlement
  4. Payment of Utility Bills

Can Kudi POS check account balance for a customer ATM

At the moment, the pos cannot check balance. But this is something to look forward to as they are rolling in more features 

Some frequently asked questions about Kudi POS

How can i change my PIN on kudi

To change your PIN on Kudi, log in to your Kudi app and click on forget a password at the bottom corner of the page it will automatically send OTP(One time password) to the SIM card you registered with on kudi

Why does Kudi ask for your BVN

The Bank Verification Number is used to confirm that your personal information submitted is valid for proper KYC documentation as required by the CBN

How do I contact Kudi customer care if i have any issue

Will kudi reverse money to me or the customer for a dispense error?

If after checking, the funds is with kudi and you have logged it on kudi, the money will be reversed to your wallet

But this is not certain as the money can be with the customer’s bank as well

So don’t pay customer

Here are the steps to take when your customer is debited on kudi 

Log it on Kudi first and wait for 24 to 48 working hours to receive a response

Kudi will tell you if the money is with them (in which case they will credit you) or with the customer bank (in which case they will ask you to tell the customer to visit the bank)

How do i log complain on the Kudi POS or platform

You can log any complaint on any issue you have on your app under SUPPORT. You will see a list of common issues and you can choose which one you want to log 

Below are some videos on how to log common complaints on Kudi 



How do I access my dashboard on Kudi

You can access your account on the app and do transactions 

My account was not fully credit for the transactions i do on the POS 

You can log this and have your funds credited to your account b going to SUPPORT>WITHDRAWAL>POS WITHDRAWAL>MY WALLET HAS NOT BEEN CREDITED FOR A SUCCESSFUL POS TRANSACTION insert all the details and your funds will be credited after a while 

Can i connect the POS to hotspot

Yes you can connect the POS to hotspot and this option is usually faster. 


How do i upgrade my KYC level on Kudi

You can upgrade your kyc level from level 1 by going to ACCOUNT information under SETTINGS when you log in to your Kudi App

How do i insert paper inside my POS 

To insert paper inside your POS watch the video below. This is quite simple and easy to do 


How can i set my Kudi POS to print 1 receipt only

At the moment, they don’t have the option as the POS only print 2 receipt for safety reasons

How secure is Kudi POS and where is Kudi head office

Kudi is licensed by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN), they have several high-level licenses that include the MMO license which authorize them to carry out agency banking services. You can visit Kudi office at number 19b Bosun Adekoya Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria. And most often they usually have regional offices in some cities and smaller offices around 

Why do so many people like Kudi POS

People like Kudi POS because they are

  1. Reliable
  2. Low pricing and fair commission
  3. Excellent network reliability
  4. instant settlement
  5. Great customer support and constant network update

Does Kudi have a mobile app

Kudi has a mobile app that you can download on the play store. Just visit play store and type Kudi or click here to download the app now 


Some common errors on Kudi POS and how to fix them

I can’t log in to my kudi app

there are two reasons why you might not be able to log into your kudi app

the first is your internet connection. s with most mobile apps, you won’t be able to log in to your kudi app if your internet connection is too slow or not available at all. The solution is to switch off your data and switch it back on. or check if you have active data subscription as it might mean that your mobile data has been exhausted

The second reason is if you have credited your kudi wallet for a long time. Kudi wallet as with most accounts with financial institutions can also be dormant if you stop using it for a while. The solution to this is to fund your wallet with a certain amount (maybe N500) in order to reactivate the account. This will reactivate the account immediately and you don’t have to contact anyone.


Getting Kudi POS is not as difficult as most people think, but as long as you are ready for business (not that you want to keep the POS unused) and you follow the steps in this article, you will definitely get a Kudi POS very fast. If you need any help, you can always contact me on WhatsApp on 08101409501 <<<<click here to chat me on Whatsapp>>>> i am always available to help

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