10 ways to get a POS machine (very fast and easy)

Getting a POS Machine should not be as difficult as most people put it. 

Here are 10 ways to get a POS machine fast and easy 

  1. Commercial Banks: Almost all commercial banks in Nigeria has a POS machine to give to their customers. If you want a POS from any of the banks, Kindly approach your account officer to give you the requirements. Here is an article I wrote on The requirements for getting a POS from First bank. Most banks requirements are the same
  2. MMOS :
  3. Super agents 
  4. Aggregators 
  5. Vendors 
  6. Microfinance banks 
  7. Fintech companies 
  8. Payment service banks 
  9. Buying it on Aliexpress 
  10. Sub Aggregators 

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