How to start POS business in Nigeria (plus Video step by step)

Common mistake people make when they want to get POS machine

If you have been applying for POS machines several times and you are not getting one, whether, from your bank or any other place, you have been doing it the wrong way. And don’t blame yourself, I was onces like you. in fact I paid a company for a POS machine and I never got the POS nor the money back. Not because the company is fraudulent (it is a big company) but because i dont know how to properly apply for a POS and get it. But everything changed when i figured it out.
Here is what i have found, most companies or bank will only give you POS if you have a trac record and the way thy do it is to ask for your statement of account which can be threateninggg, i mean threateninggg if you dont perform a lot of transactions on your account. 

But there is another way, which is what i call using aggregators. These POS companies and banks have people like you and I they trust and they give those people POS in bulk for them to distribute. I am also an aggregator for several POS comapanies, which is why getting a POS for my students is very easy.

You can check the list of some POS i aggregate and can help you get here. But the coolest thing is for you to join my online class 

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