How to get Paycentre POS in a day

Paycentre is one of the best and oldest Mobile money operators in Nigeria which makes them reliable. over the years, they have adapted their system to fit the operating conditions in Nigeria. If you are just starting the POS business, I will advise you to get a Paycentre POS. Why?

  1. it is fast and easy to get
  2. No requirement, just your ID card, NEPA bill (utility bill), and 1 passport
  3. it is reliable
  4. it will save you cost You visit the company that will get you the POS
  5. it is easy and straight forward to use

Here is HOW

This process requires you to visit PAYCENTRE (E SETTLEMENT LIMITED 13, Hughes Avenue, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos.) at their office and request for the machine . The price is N14,000 only which you will pay on the spot and get the machine instantly.

When you get to Paycentre office, you tell anyone there you need to get a POS. As with most mobile money operators, they will want to know if you have a place you want to use and are ready to start the POS. Here is where your enthusiam will help. You will be required to fill a KYC form, where you will put your address and bank details so that the PAYCENTRE pos will be linked to your account.

Having any problem getting Paycentre POS?

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