How to get a POS machine and raise money for the business

Getting a Pos machine nowadays is relatively easy compare to what it used to be. I helped one of my students get a POS machine in less than 2 days. Here is how

The secret is to get your first POS machine getting the second and the third will be super easy. I ones met an agent who some months ago was begging for POS but the last time i visit, he had about 3 POS in one of his outlets alone. This is so because Banks and Mobile money companies will only want to give you POS only if you are already in the business. But how do you do it if you are just a newbie like i was?

Here is how (remember getting your first POS is the key)

Step1. Go to playstore and download any of the following apps, Kudi, or Opay

Step 2. After downloading, register with your details

step 3. perform transactions by doing transfer or buying recharge cards

Step 4. the previous step is what i call my copy writing steps. I hate lying and that is why i ask you to do those. Why? because the company that will give you your first machine will always ask you which POS or App have you been using. So after doing those previous steps, you can boldly say you have used Kudi or Opay. Now this is not an advertisement of any short. You visit the company that will get you the POS instantly the name of the company is PAYCENTRE (E SETTLEMENT LIMITED 13, Hughes Avenue, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos.) at their office and request for the machine . The price is N14,000 only which you will pay on the spot and get the machine instantly.

That’s it my friend you just get your first POS . You can thank me later.

If you want me to help you get the machine or want to learn more about how i raised more than N700,000 to start this business, you can join my online class here or contact me on whatsapp 08137820379

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  1. Please,I want you to help me get one because i want to start and what is that secret behind you raising the capital at the first point

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