Requirements for getting a POS machine from First Bank
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Requirements for getting a POS machine from First Bank

How can I get my FirstBank POS?

To get a POS machine from first bank, all you need to do is to contact your account officer or visit any first bank branch close to you and request to meet the account officer in charge of giving POS. They are usually very welcoming and willing to always get you a POS anytime. 

Below are some things they might request from you. And dont worry if you cant provide or or two of the listed items below, they can help you find a way around it 

Here are the things you will need to get a Point of sale (POS) machine from any First Bank branch in Nigeria

  1. 2 passport photographs
  2. Utility bill
  3. CAC certificate of company registration or letter form a trade union (printed on a letter head) or 2 current account holder (as guarantors)
  4. A current account (which will be created for you instantly by the account officer)
  5. Monthly turnover of about N1million and above
  6. A viable business location (preferably close to any commercial centre like school, market, post office, church or mosque)

How much does first bank charge on POS?

Below is the pricing structure for first bank POS as updated in 2021 

first bank POS charges
first bank POS charges

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