By Tope Alao 


A picture is more than a thousand word


Credit alert for a single day transaction (I started with just N30,000).

Here is a computerized version of the amount of money I transact in a day

Yes, I made N11,149 that day as net profit  


Those are some of our centres. Notice the unique branding and my contact on them too

Alright I think that’s enough. Now to the real thing.

When I started this business, my hope was to make just enough money to cover my basic monthly feeding, which was about N10,000 then (that’s to show you how broke I was). But after doing this business for the first month I made N83,000 (N83,932 to be precise). And as if that was not enough, I made  N146,000 (N145,873 to be precise) the second month. It was like magic and I couldn’t believe it myself.  

Why? Because my whole life I have been a doubting Thomas and I never believe anyone can make this much in any business. I have started a lot of businesses in the past, most of which fail to make a dime. There was a particular business I run for 3 years that brought me N15,000 for the entire 3 years (not per year, I mean the whole 3 years), thanks to greedy clients.

Then, whenever I see anybody trying to preach getting rich, I will quickly run out of the place because I was afraid not to lose the little money I had. But today, I will pay any amount, and I mean any amount, to learn about any opportunity (legitimate of course) that will make me extra thousand or maybe million. Because I have seen it. And seeing is believing, as they say.

After running the POS business for a while making that much money, I asked the question YOU might have asked; if this business is this lucrative, why are people not doing it? The answer is simple. They don’t know HOW. You cant make money from a business you know nothing about.

Except for the fact that you only know a guy at the corner of your street who is making a lot of money from this business, but the sad thing is: he is not ready to teach you how. That is about to be over as you will now be exposed to the in and out of how you my friend can start making money from the POS business.

You will learn how in my FREE ebook. Yes, it is totally free and you can get it by clicking the ‘Get Instant Access’ link below. 


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